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Clean 2 Rugs, Get 3rd for Free!

Get 2 area rugs cleaned, get the third for free!

$20 Off First Time Clean!

Present this coupon and receive $20 off your first time clean!

15% OFF Carpet Repairs and Carpet Stretching!

This offer includes carpet stretching, patching, and seems. Save now on those Carpet Repairs and restore the life to your carpets for years to come.

20% OFF Hardwood Cleaning Services

Save 20% on your first hardwood floor cleaning service from Steam Dryers. This includes our services of cleaning, waxing, and buffing. Call today to schedule your free estimate.

15% Percent Off Pet Treatment

Save on Pet Treatment with our sub floor extraction method to extract pet urine from your carpets. This will restore your carpets back to healthy conditions and rid your home of those pet odors.