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First on Your Wedding Checklist Should be Maintaining Good Health | Health

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First on Your Wedding Checklist Should be Maintaining Good Health
First on Your Wedding Checklist Should be Maintaining Good Health

Imagining what your wedding day will be like? Well, choosing a romantic wedding venue, beautiful gown, and stylish bridesmaids dresses are great, but what about having the physical stamina to withstand the stress of juggling all the planning, budget issues, and potential family drama that may come along with your big day? Oh, and did I mention work, too? Yes, to help you endure such challenges, take particular great care of your body.

To get some suggestions on how to do that, I talked with Goodness Grocery store co-owner Sue Bain. Goodness Grocery is a natural foods and organic store located in the West Village Center on Atlanta Road in Smyrna.

Sue recommends that, in addition to exercise, we brides detox our bodies, and if you’re like me, you also want to shed a few extra pounds before your wedding day. “While detoxing your body, take a fat burner like Total Diet Successby Renew Life®, and drink three-fourths of your body weight in water (in ounces),” said Sue. “Also, take vitamins, Omega fish oils, and probiotics.” She recommends Flush & Be Fit by Renew Life®, which is an internal cleansing product that contains probiotics. It helps flush toxins from your body, increase your energy level, and reduce water retention.  

In addition, consider what you’re eating. “This is not a garbage can,” she says while pointing to her stomach, “Read what you’re eating. God made us real so we have to put real food in us, not synthetic.”

Below are additional suggestions:

  • Breakfast and lunch should be your biggest meals. Then, enjoy a small dinner.
  • It’s best to stop eating three hours prior to bedtime.  
  • Increase your fiber to 35 grams a day. The fiber will slow down the process of carbohydrates transforming into sugar.
  • Omega oils, like Complete Omega-3-6-9 by Nordic Naturals®, help jump start your fat metabolism as well as provide hormonal balance and good skin.

Dr. Terry Wright, N.D., also located in Goodness Grocery, is a Consultant of Natural Health and teaches a lifestyle of healthy living naturally.  “I look to find the underlying cause of symptoms,” said Dr. Wright. One of the most intriguing tools that he uses to assist in discovering these causes is a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, which measures the minerals in your body. Through analyzing these minerals, Dr. Wright is able to understand the root cause of various symptoms and suggest appropriate changes to diet and lifestyle.

Adhering to good health practices like these just discussed will help to ensure your stamina throughout the pre-wedding activities and on your big day. Heck, you may even be energized for your honeymoon!

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