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One local city wants to turn your grease into fuel | News

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One local city wants to turn your grease into fuel

SMYRNA, Ga. -- You may have heard cities telling you not to pour your Thanksgiving grease down the drain, because it clogs sewer systems and leads to expensive repair work. Now many cities are asking you to give them the grease.

"We want it really badly, we even have containers that we will put the oil in," said Ann Kirk of Keep Smyrna Beautiful.

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After a year of planning and collection, Smyrna is kicking off its bio-diesel recycling program this week.

Before he merged with a partner to start Southern Green Industries, Rob Del Bueno started in 2005 with a handful of restaurants and a few drums at his backyard bio-diesel operation.

"Which was pretty messy, and probably didn't meet with local zoning rules," Del Bueno said.

They'll exchange empty containers for full ones, then refine it for cheaper fuel and cleaner sewers.

Georgia Tech Professor Marilyn Brown says it's a growing enterprise, but it will eventually reach a breaking point.

"I think the supply is limited, it's never going to grow above a couple percent of our transportation fuels, but that's a large amount of cash, and it's a good business opportunity," one bio-diesel expert told Marc McAfee of 11Alive News. 

Which leads people like Del Beuno to start branching out.

Click here to sign your church up for grease recycling

"We started working with a growing number of churches in the area where you can take it to your church, and we'll buy it from the church so it serves as a fundraiser for the church and also a great way to recycle the cooking oil."


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