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Nicholas Thomas' family asks to meet with Cobb DA | News

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Nicholas Thomas' family asks to meet with Cobb DA

COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- The family of a man shot by a Smyrna police officer in March is asking for a meeting with the Cobb County district attorney before the case goes to the grand jury.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has finished its investigation into the shooting of 25-year-old Nicholas Thomas at the Cobb County Goodyear tire stores where he worked, but is not releasing the details.

GBI officials met with Thomas' mother on Wednesday. Felicia Thomas said she wanted to see the surveillance video which reportedly shows her son being shot by Officer Kenneth Owens.

Thomas said the GBI told her the Cobb County's district attorney, Vic Reynolds, doesn't want anyone to see that footage until the case goes to the grand jury, probably next month.

She said she's very angry about that and also says she doesn't believe the investigation into shooting was thorough enough.

Nicholas Thomas was shot by police who were serving warrants on him. At the time of the shooting he was driving a customer's Maserati. Officer Kenneth Owens said he thought Thomas was trying to run him over when he fired his gun.

"He said he was in fear of his life, even though he was not," said attorney Mawuli Mel Davis. "He shot into the side of the car. Unless a car can travel sideways, I don't know how you can be in fear of your life."

Thomas' mother and Davis met with GBI officials for more than an hour on Wednesday, but they say they were not given very much new information. They want federal authorities to get involved in the case.

"My son was at work -- at work," said Felecia Thomas. "For all those bullet holes to be in the side of the car, and Kenneth Owens to be behind a pickup truck -- he was never in danger of his life."

Thomas says she is planning more protests and demanding a meeting with Reynolds. Davis said the case may first be taken up by a civil grand jury followed by a second criminal grand jury.

Davis the warrants being served on Thomas the day of the shooting were for misdemeanors, including possession of marijuana and probation violations.

Reynolds issued a statement Tuesday saying:

We are reviewing the investigations conducted by Cobb Police and the GBI. We cannot release any evidence during a pending investigation. We hope to present the matter to the Cobb Grand Jury next month.



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