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The Roads are Open; We Have Your Traffic Information at 11Alive.com

All the roads in Metro Atlanta are open today. You need to pack a huge load of patience while you get going though. There are many delays out there. For details on particular routes, check http://11alive.com/traffic.


The left lanes have ice in them. Stay out of those left lanes. Assume that all overpasses have ice on them; many have glaze ice that you will not be able to see until you are on them.

ALL of the on and off ramps have ice in them. Approach them slowly and carefully. If you speed onto an offramp or try to turn suddenly, you will slide and crash.


All have some ice on them. Most with three lanes ordinarily are down to two; most with two lanes regularly, are down to one lane.

Viewers please send in SNOW photos

Viewers please send in SNOW photos

Smyrna received 3 inches last night and the snow has continued to fall.  Ice is suspected to start being a factor at 8am thru the morning.

If you have any more snow pictures please go to the 11Alive.com website and click Videos/Photos and upload your picture with a description.

Thanks so much and be safe if you MUST be on the roads today.

Georgia Man in Beef Plant Scam Completes Sentence

Georgia Man in Beef Plant Scam Completes Sentence

JACKSON, MS -- A federal judge has terminated the supervised release for a Georgia businessman snagged in a beef plant scandal and convicted of making an illegal campaign contribution to former Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove.

Nixon Cawood Jr. was charged in the investigation into Mississippi Beef Processors LLC, which closed three months after it opened in 2004, sticking Mississippians with $55 million in state-backed loans.

Cawood was sentenced in 2009 to eight months in prison and three years of supervised release.

U.S. District Judge Michael Mills ended the supervision Tuesday, saying Nixon has paid his fines and met the conditions of his sentence.

Cawood was an executive at The Facility Group of Smyrna, Ga. The company managed the plant's construction.

Cobb Convention & Visitors Bureau Names CEO

Cobb Convention & Visitors Bureau Names CEO

COBB COUNTY, GA -- The Cobb Convention & Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce that Holly Bass has been the CEO for the organization.

Bass, who was named as the top candidate several weeks ago, was officially approved on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

The Cobb CVB is responsible for promoting and generating tourism, convention, trade show and sports development activity throughout Cobb. Tourism is the county's second leading industry, bringing more than $1.25 billion in economic impact to Cobb each year.

"We are excited to have Holly as a member of the CVB team. Her strong leadership, consensus building and strategic planning, combined with her community knowledge, will position the CVB for success," said Don Geiger, chairman of the Cobb CVB.