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Steal a Deal!!! Foreclosures, Short Sales, Investor Specials!

 Steal a Deal!!!  Foreclosures, Short Sales, Investor Specials!
Your local Castles By Chrissy Team will be hosting a Buyer Caravan of 6-10 Hot Foreclosures in the Area!   Come see what is on the market today!   Yes, Yes, Yes - there are 1,000 of deals out there right now and we want to physically show them to you!  We have come up with a great way to do so.  The Castles By Chrissy Team will pick one area of town and caravan to the top foreclosures in the area.   The next Steal a Deal Caravan will be June 12, 2011.  You can drive with us or you are more than welcome to follow us.

Things to Avoid When Holding an Open House

This weekend was national open house weekend. I had the opportunity to see an open house go wrong in a million dollar neighborhood, so I'm going to share some pointers to help your open house go smoothly.

1. Ensure that there are no malfunctions with the home. A defective air conditioner ruins the experience for everyone including the agent. You do not want the agent to be in a bad mood!

2. Have an agent who will not push prizes, giveaways, or follow prospective buyers as they look at the house. The idea is to make everyone comfortable and the way to do that is by making all information readilly available and be available to answer questions.

3. Have drinks and/or snacks on hand, especially on a hot afternoon. At a minimum, bottles icewater and soda is a must.

Challenges to be aware of in today's lending environment

There seems to be a fear out there that banks are not lending money.  This is absolutely not true.  If you do decide to either purchase or refinance a home there are some items that are helpful to know prior to beginning this process.  This article is intended to educate you about some of these complexities.  There are always issues that could arise but having knowledge of the following items could allow you to alleviate some of the potential issues or at least educate you about what could happen. 

This issue would only be applicable if you are purchasing a home or putting money down for a refinance.  Depending on the type of loan you are applying for the lender can ask for up to 60 days worth of account statements from the account you will use for funds at closing.  They now require borrowers to show proof of any type of non sourced deposits to the account being used for down payment.  They will not q

Home Equity Lines of Credit and Your Credit Score

Home Equity Lines of Credit and Your Credit Score

What You Need to Know and Do?

Now more than ever, you need to make sure you understand what's on your credit report – and you need to know what steps you can take to improve your score. For example, did you know that a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can impact your credit score quite dramatically – and sometimes unfairly – depending on how it is reported?

Here's What You Need to Know... and Do!
First, you need to know that HELOCs are commonly reported by the three credit bureaus as revolving accounts. In reality however, they do not fall under the typical revolving terms, even though they are set up in the same way as a revolving account. That's because HELOCs are secured by an asset.

Here's the Good News...
The Fair Credit Reporting act requires reporting agencies to report true and accurate information.

Frustrated With Not Selling Your Home? Me Too!

Frustrated With Not Selling Your Home? Me Too!

265 homes reduced their sales price in April in the Smyrna area. 87 homes expired without ever selling. 28 sellers withdrew their listing.  Our real estate market has dramatically changed. What was once an easy job of listing and selling homes has now become more of a challenge.

The Castles By Chrissy Team, is one of the few teams to continue to see success in today’s real estate market.  Check out just a few of their results below:

2905 Lavista Drive – 21 days under contract!

4502 Glenpoint Way –  6 days under contract!*

2024 Chelton Way – 27 days under contract!* 

Luckily for you, I have a network of highly trained and seasoned professional real estate agents in our community that know how to get homes sold in a market like this.

Loan Modification Could be Good, but Short Sale is Better says 1 Expert

Atlanta, GA--  As more and more Atlanta homeowners find themselves in financial distress and are forced to make tough decisions regarding their homes and specifically their dropping values and ballooning mortgage payments, we turned to a housing expert to help us navigate this complex situation.

Marian Anthony is a real estate finance expert and author of Short Sale RUSH- A How To Guide for Nonperforming Assets.  According to Marian, a Short Sale is more advantageous than a Loan Modification or a Foreclosure because "the reduced payoff in a short sale releases you from the debt obligation." He states that a foreclosure will ruin the homeowner's credit, and "a loan modification actually builds a debt trap around the borrower, milking them for every last nickel."

With so much information and marketing dollars being spent on homeowners getting into Loan Modification programs which may keep you bogged in debt for years, take Marian's su