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Photo Gallery | Atlanta Movie Tours launches "The Walking Dead" Zombie Tour

ATLANTA - Atlanta has quickly become the Hollywood of the South, with a number of tax incentives, cheap labor, and cheap locations. More and more producers are choosing to film right here in the metro and surrounding areas because of this.  Two self proclaimed movie buffs have banned together to start a movie locations tour company named Atlanta Movie Tours in which they give groups of individuals a chance to see some of the most recent movie set locations in the metro area each and every Saturday.  The first tour, which I had a chance to get a sneak peak of, is entitled The Big Zombie Tour and will start March 31st.

Carrie Sagel Burns and Patti Davis began this upstart after seeing the demand from zombie buffs and "comic-con'ers" flocking to the Atlanta area in recent months.  The two Atlanta residents decided to team up with the luxury Hennesy bus company, a few of the movie extras, and Diesel restaurant (for your lunch break) to launch Atlanta Movie Tours just this past winter.

The zombie tour is a 4 hour tour to nearly 10 locations used in The Walking Dead by AMC and the motion picture film Zombieland including the Mitchell St. bridge, the Goat Farm, the Atlanta Mission, Cobb Galleria, Bill Murray's mansion in Zombieland (Big Poppa from RHOA's 'for sale' home) and a beautiful little-known quarry in the city. (the quarry was closed due to JJ Abrams filming in the area during my tour)

Tony Gowell, a zombie extra in the show, leads the tour and offers little known facts and other insider information.

Tour Costs: $45 with lunch break at Diesel. The official tour dates kick-off Saturday, 3/31 and can be booked at www.AtlantaMovieTours.com 

Additional upcoming tours include The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Sports Atlanta...


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The Big Zombie Tour - Braaaaaaaaaaaains! Do you love zombies? We do, too! Come along with us as we retrace the steps of some of your favorite zombie scenes of movies and television.

  • Walk the bridge where Rick rides his horse into town, right into the middle of a horde of zombies
  • Rick wakes up and exits the hospital –  you are right there
  • Trace the footsteps of the Vatos and their abuela
  • Visit the quarry where Shane, Lori and the others make camp
  • See the department store still chained to keep the zombies out
  • View the building where Merle is left on the roof to his own devices
  • The CDC exploded – or did it? Come take the tour and see!
  • Bill Murray’s mansion in Zombieland
Coming Summer 2012:

Atlanta Movie Experience - With the wealth of movies & television shows being filmed here everyday, this is an evolving tour. We are working at taking you onto live sets where the shooting is actually taking place. The tour will vary from day to day.

Movie Sports Tour - The Blind Side, We Are Marshall, Necessary Roughness and many more productions have filmed here in Atlanta. Climb aboard the bus and let us chauffeur you to all the sights, with stops at Turner Field and the Georgia Dome.

Private Movie Tours - Do you and your group want to take a tour of your favorite movie & television locations? Family visiting Atlanta and want a private tour for the 2-5 of you? Give us a call and we will design a custom tour especially for you. This is sure to be the talk of your group for years to come.